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We encourage you to read carefully the Terms of Use of our Website before you start your browsing. These Terms govern your access and the use of the Website.

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If you disagree with the Terms of Use, you are advised to abstain from the use of the Website.

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This Website is provided by GREEFOS S.A. Representations, Imports - Exports of Raw & Auxiliary Materials for Food Industry (hereafter “the Company”) and is available to legal persons and natural persons over 16 years old who have the capacity to perform legal acts and enter into binding agreements under applicable law. If you do not fulfil the conditions laid down, you should abstain from the use of the Website.


The Company has the right to amend and update the Terms of Use at any time. If you continue to use the Website after the modification of the Terms of Use that means that you accept the revisions. The Company reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify, supplement, delete or update any item on this Website without prior notice.


The Company Privacy Policy governs the use and the processing of information collected or provided by you when you visit the Website. You can read the Privacy Policy here


The content the Website including, without limitation, texts, news, graphics, photographs, diagrams, images, services, and all files is subject to copyright laws under the Greek, European and international legislation for the protection of Intellectual Property. Therefore, the reproduction, republication, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, download, translation, and modification of any part of the Website, in any way, and by any means is strictly prohibited without the prior explicit approval of the Company.

Registered trademarks and names listed on this website are protected by the copyright provisions. This does not apply in the case when a user copies and stores in his/her personal computer or device selected parts of the content for personal domestic use, and not for commercial use or other purposes. In this case, the Website should be referred to as the initial source. This use does not mean that the Company grants intellectual property rights to the user. Certain elements of the Website, as texts, articles, photos, archives, publications etc. may be subject to proprietary rights of third parties, organizations or individuals who have granted permission to the Company to publish them on the Website.


In addition to other limitations set by the Terms of Use, the user is bound to abstain from unlawful and illegal activities such as:

  • Concealing the original source of information transmitted through the Website.
  • Providing false or misleading information through the Website.
  • Logging in and using available services, information, applications through the Website in a way that is not explicitly permitted by the Company.
  • Installing/uploading on the Website content that contains viruses or other malicious software (Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, etc.) that intend to harm, interfere, intercept, or seize any system, website, information, or violate the third-party intellectual property rights.


  • External links: For your convenience, this Website may contain hyperlinks and/or banners that lead to other external websites. The Company has no control regarding the validity of the content and cannot guarantee the accuracy, the performance or the quality of any content, software, service, or applications of the said websites. The Company is not responsible for the availability, content, and activity of the linked websites. The user accesses the website of a third party under his/her own responsibility. Each website operates according to its terms of use, conditions, and privacy policy.
  • Internal links. The links that lead to other webpages and websites are embedded only by the Company. Upon a written agreement, the Company may grant special authorization to a user to install a link leading to an external webpage. Every webpage or device that provides access to this Website and its pages is not allowed to (a) reproduce the content, (b) use a browser environment or create a border around the content, (c) imply in any way that the Company approves it, (d) lead to misinterpretations for any matter such as its relationship with the Company, (e) present false information about the services of the Company, and (f) use any Company brand, logo or trademark without the prior written permission of the Company.


The Company, at its sole discretion, is entitled to terminate or suspend the access of a user to the Website, its content and information, at any time and for any reason, with or without justification, even if the access is permitted to other users. Upon the suspension or the termination of the access, the user is obliged (a) to abstain from the use of the Website and the related services (b) to destroy any copy of the website content he/she might have crated or stored. Any access to the Website and its information or services after the termination, suspension or interruption as described above, will be regarded as illegal entry. Furthermore, the user agrees that the Company does not bear responsibility against any third person in regard to the termination or suspension of his/her access to the Website.


The Company makes significant efforts to ensure that the information and the content of the Website are accurate, clear, reliable, complete, true, and available. The Company has no responsibility for indemnification of any damage caused to the users for any reasons, including negligence, related to the availability and/or use of the Website.


The user accepts and agrees to respect the national, European, and International laws and the relevant provisions of the legislation that apply to the electronic communications. The user is bound to abstain from unlawful and illegal use of the Website. The user is liable for any damage caused to the Website due to his/her impropriate use. In the event of any action, claim, administrative or judicial action against the Website, due to any form of infringement thereof, the latter undertakes the responsibility to intervene in the relevant judicial proceedings and to compensate the Website if required or obliged to pay compensation.


The Terms of Use are governed by Greek and international laws, the Directives and Regulations of the EU. This is interpreted on the principle of good faith and fair dealing. If a provision is found to contradict the law and therefore is void or voidable, it shall automatically cease to apply, without affecting the validity of the other conditions. The applicable courts for any complaints and legal claims are the courts in Thessaloniki, Greece.

If you find any problems to the content of the Website, please contact the Company at the email info@greefos.gr or

Send us a letter to GREEFOS S.A. Representations, Imports - Exports of Raw & Auxiliary Materials for Food Industry, Parodos Sofokli Venizelou Nea Menemeni, P.C. 54628, Thessaloniki, Greece, or

Call us at +30 2310 567880.